Aug 092010
Maya, and self-intersecting nurbsCurves

This is a story about my journey in solving a problem at work involving curves. The solution seemed really simple at first, but because of a stupid Maya issue, this turned into me having to rewrite the tool 3 times before I discovered a surprising solution. The Problem: Because we rely heavily on the process [...]

Aug 042010
Film Jam Podcast Interview

I recently did an interview with my friends on their show, Film Jam. Its a podcast dealing with the film industry from the perspective of 3 guys working their way up the ladder. Fantastic show up ’till this point. Hopefully I don’t break the cycle Please make sure to leave a review about the show [...]

Mar 182010

“App’ing up” PyQt… ugh. One of biggest problems with PyQt is distributing it in a stand-alone package. Even worse… wanting to make your Qt plugins still function (Phonon, jpeg, etc). At work I constantly had this battle, along with my co-worker Tory. She actually has a long-standing issue with this, and had to resort to [...]

Mar 162010
SouthPark: A crazy little interface. The TaskMonster.

I get to do a lot of interesting applications at SouthPark. This one in particular was the most challenging use of PyQt that I have experienced to date. The backstory…. The art department wanted a tool to help them track assigned tasks, the progress, and to share media and notes associated with the tasks. Furthermore, [...]